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Georgia, Batumi! How many tasty and inspiring words and pictures come to mind about this city!

Georgia, Batumi! How many tasty and inspiring words and pictures come to mind about this city!

But why is Batumi good for life !?
🔹 Good weather and beautiful sunsets all year round.
🔹 Good food quality.
🔹 Loyalty to business.
It takes about 20 minutes to open a company, and the business tax is very low!
🔹 In Batumi, one of the longest embankments in Europe, with treadmills and street fitness equipment.
🔹 Batumi is a very beautiful city. You can walk for hours, admiring the buildings.
🔹 Low real estate prices.
🔹 Low prices for life.
Most services in Batumi are cheaper than in neighboring countries!

Georgia is one of the safest countries in the world: Thanks to successful actions to prevent the CHOVID-19 pandemic, there were almost no cases in the country. And in the Crime and Security Index among 125 countries of the world, Georgia ranks fifth due to the excellent work of the police👮🏻‍♂️

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It is very simple to fulfill the dream and to buy an apartment on the sea, but at a discount — even more pleasant!

It is very simple to fulfill the dream and to buy an apartment on the sea, but at a discount — even more pleasant!

The residential complex SEA SIDE in Batumi is affordable apartments with sea and mountains views.
You can not only live and relax comfortably on the sea, but also receive additional income💵 from renting your apartment.
‼️ ️Till the end of June, several apartments have a 10% discount.
Contact us for more information.👇
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Do you want to live by the sea, but don’t know which country to choose? There is a solution – Georgia.

Do you want to live by the sea, but don’t know which country to choose? There is a solution - Georgia.

🌿 Good ecology
🌅 Subtropical climate, many sunny days
💸 Low prices for utilities, products, transportation, as well as the opportunity to buy an apartment at a special price from $ 16,980
📕 Visa and additional documents not required for accommodation
❤️ affordable medicine: low-cost medical insurance and services in polyclinics, pharmacies and hospitals.
🌳 Nature: the sea and mountains are from five minutes from your home, many places for long walks and relaxing vacations.

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Installment conditions

30% down payment

The buyer makes a down payment of 30% of the price of the apartment, a special contract of sale with installment conditions is drawn up. The remaining amount is distributed on equal monthly payments until the end of the construction period of the house and is paid by the buyer according to the payment schedule described in the contract specified in the contract of sale.

Minimum Payment Amount

The sooner you buy an apartment, the less monthly payments are received. Just think, now, at the first stage of construction, the minimum monthly payment will be from $ 500. Invest wisely. For his future life by the sea or future passive income.



Black frame condition

The black frame condition is an apartment without any decoration and without installed partitions between the rooms. In the black frame there is:

  • Installed metal-plastic windows.
  • Installed entrance doors.
  • Led to the front door of the communication

The advantages of buying an apartment in a black frame condition:

  • Low price per square meter
  • The ability to distribute rooms and areas according to your own design project
  • The ability to make repairs yourself, at your discretion.

White frame condition

The white frame condition is an apartment with a finish “under repair according to your design project. The white frame condition includes:

  • Screed.
  • Wall decoration.
  • Installed metal-plastic windows and interior doors.
  • Metal entrance doors.
  • Installed internal interior partitions
  • Workable electric, gas and water supply systems.
  • Waterproofing and soundproofing of floors.
  • Lines of central heating systems.

The advantages of a white frame condition:

  • Minimizing repair time
  • High-quality preparation before finishing from IBGroup’s highly qualified specialists
  • The ability to make repairs on their own design project.

Apartments with finishing and all equipment

Apartments with finishing and all equipment are the apartments with fully finished repair according to a high-quality design project made by our company It is a convenient solution if you are buying real estate for investment or your own rest, while leaving in the other country.

Each apartment includes:

  • Completely completed design repairs using quality materials
  • Installed heating and water heating systems
  • Conducted and configured Internet and cable TV
  • All necessary furniture in the apartment
  • All the necessary equipment in the apartment
  • Small household items for the convenience of guests

The advantages of an apartment with a full finish and equipment:

  • The ability to shift the complexity of repair management to specialists
  • High quality work
  • Lower price in comparison with self-repair and arrangement.

Maintenance of the house after completion of construction

After completion of the construction, all house management work remains with our company. We will take care of the comfort of your family and guests in our house, solving all the necessary issues, such as:

  • Repair work in the common area and in your apartment
  • Ensuring the cleanliness of the entrance, corridors, adjacent territory
  • Securing the territory and residents
  • Improvement of the territory and entrances
  • Maintenance of the pool, parking and other infrastructure facilities

Rental Management

We know that many of our clients purchase real estate for renting out and generating additional income and they are not able to manage this business themselves. Therefore, we take these cares upon ourselves. You can conclude an agreement with our company and completely delegate all matters relating to renting out your apartment or managing your hotel in our facility, for example:

  • Check-in and check-out of guests
  • Addressing guest issues
  • Organization of transfer for guests
  • Cleaning
  • Promotion of apartments or hotels and attracting more customers

There is a reception on the territory of each of our facilities, where polite and qualified staff will meet your guests, lead them to the apartments, answer all their questions and organize additional services for the best customer experience.


Georgia is one of the most interesting countries for investment in 2020, even against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The whole world praised a protective measures, due to which the number of cases is only 486 people. From April 27, quarantine is gradually being canceled.
Сitizens and businesses received support – paying for utilities, tax holidays, and deferred loans .
According to forecasts, the Georgian economy will return to its usual rhythm in June-September this year.
Stage 2 of the construction of the  “SEA SIDE” complex will begin in May and you have a great opportunity to purchase apartments at low price.
The house is fully gasified and has a developed infrastructure. 

 Suitable for long-term residence and for short-term rental income.
Buying remotely. Interest-free installments.
Contact us by phone:
 +995 579 600004
 +995 579 400006


Apartments VS Flats. Legal advices.

It seems that apartments and flats are one and the same. But really, this real property has different legal status, and accordingly series of restrictions of your ownership.

As contrasted with flats, on buying apartments (they are often called “Hotel type rooms” in Georgian) you must conclude lease agreement (or trust agreement) with the developer in which may be unexpected paragraphs:

  • You can live in the apartment restricted number of days per year (for example, 60).
  • You do not have the right to rent out an apartment without the consent of the developer. Or it is possible only through him.
  • The land belongs to the developer, and it is not the common property of the residents
  • And much more.

What should we do in order to find out under what conditions the real property is for sale?

  1. Find out from the developer does he has the status of a tourism company;
  2. Find out what exactly is meant by apartments – flats or hotel rooms;
  3. Request a boilerplate of lease agreement (or trust agreement) and carefully become familiar with all paragraphs.

Only flats are sold in our “SeaSide” house, and the property management service for obtaining passive income is an additional service, that you can use at your request. Agreement of sale and purchase is publicly available on our website In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us!