Technology and comfort

Technology and comfort.

A passenger lift in an apartment building is an irreplaceable thing.
Sea Side has the latest engineering systems – 3 silent fireproof Mitsubishi lelevators.
Which quickly and comfortably take residents to their desired floors and do it as safely as possible 

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Batumi is a young, carefree, heady and free city!

Batumi is a young, carefree, heady and free city!

This is the personification of modern Georgia.

New hotel base, developing infrastructure, delicious cuisine and magnificent nature.

If you plan to buy real estate in Batumi or you are a tourist who wants to visit the city, then these

“5 FACTS about BATUMI” are for you! 

1. SEA. The main advantage of any summer resort is sun, sea and beach. All this is in abundance in Batumi. Huge beaches stretch along the coast for a dozen kilometres.

2. PRICES. Goods and services are still more affordable than in similar European resorts. Therefore, if your budget is limited, but you want to have a good rest, thoroughly, without spoiling your vacation experience by counting every penny, Batumi will be one of the best options.

3. FOOD. Where else to try real shashlik, khinkali and Adjarian khachapuri, if not in Georgia?

The local cuisine amenities can be truly appreciated in the restaurants and small eateries, which Batumi residents like to visit themselves.

4. INFRASTRUCTURE. Batumi is provided with all the benefits of a developed city. There is domestic and intercity public transport here, from rides and bicycles available for hourly and multi-day rentals to shuttle buses. There are parks and squares, sculptures, even singing fountains. All this is kept in perfect order and is illuminated in the evenings with multi-coloured lights.

5. REAL ESTATE. The real estate market of Batumi has been actively developing in recent years. More and more residential construction projects appear on the resort, that not only randomly cover the coast, but organically fit into the panorama of the city. The constantly growing interest of foreign investors testifies to the prospects of investing in such housing.

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