Black frame condition

The black frame condition is an apartment without any decoration and without installed partitions between the rooms. In the black frame there is:

  • Installed metal-plastic windows.
  • Installed entrance doors.
  • Led to the front door of the communication

The advantages of buying an apartment in a black frame condition:

  • Low price per square meter
  • The ability to distribute rooms and areas according to your own design project
  • The ability to make repairs yourself, at your discretion.

White frame condition

The white frame condition is an apartment with a finish “under repair according to your design project. The white frame condition includes:

  • Screed.
  • Wall decoration.
  • Installed metal-plastic windows and interior doors.
  • Metal entrance doors.
  • Installed internal interior partitions
  • Workable electric, gas and water supply systems.
  • Waterproofing and soundproofing of floors.
  • Lines of central heating systems.

The advantages of a white frame condition:

  • Minimizing repair time
  • High-quality preparation before finishing from IBGroup’s highly qualified specialists
  • The ability to make repairs on their own design project.

Apartments with finishing and all equipment

Apartments with finishing and all equipment are the apartments with fully finished repair according to a high-quality design project made by our company It is a convenient solution if you are buying real estate for investment or your own rest, while leaving in the other country.

Each apartment includes:

  • Completely completed design repairs using quality materials
  • Installed heating and water heating systems
  • Conducted and configured Internet and cable TV
  • All necessary furniture in the apartment
  • All the necessary equipment in the apartment
  • Small household items for the convenience of guests

The advantages of an apartment with a full finish and equipment:

  • The ability to shift the complexity of repair management to specialists
  • High quality work
  • Lower price in comparison with self-repair and arrangement.